How to Wear an Orange Bag

I am finally back to Hong Kong. While I was travelling the Pacific Northwest for two weeks, my boyfriend went on a football (soccer) trip to Brazil and Argentina. As a souvenir I got this really nice leather bag from a little boutique shop in ...Read More

What to Wear Sightseeing

I am sorry for the radio silence since last week. I would never have thought that blogging while traveling is so difficult. And by that I do not only mean the actual act of writing a blog post but also documenting my travels for future blog posts. Within ...Read More

My Suitcase Packing Tips

I am leaving Monday morning for a two-week trip to Seattle and Vancouver. Usually around this time of the year I pack for a warm and exotic summer vacation. Since I now live in Hong Kong and we have reached top temperatures and humidity levels ...Read More

Summer Sale Is Here

Summer has finally arrived and so did the summer sale. A few days later than in the US, Hong Kong has also joined the bandwagon and by now all shop windows shine in deep dark red. Despite going to the US next week (where I hope to ...Read More
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