Springtime // Floral Fashion

Spring has finally arrived and all I can think about is sun and warm temperatures. And what better way to celebrate the new seasons than putting on a floral dress. The bright and vibrant ones are ideal for casual outings and the more subtle and classic versions are date-night worthy.
Flowers seems to be everywhere at the moment. Be it dresses, shirts or pants but also hair accessories and jewellery. Luckily floral prints don’t look like grandma’s curtains anymore. They were transformed to something modern and bold. I love it when my clothes scream springtime. I get especially excited about large flower prints and floral maxi dresses. Here are nine of my favorite finds and a peak into my inspirational mood board for all things spring-like:

flower dress
1 Mint Green // 2 Jumpsuit // 3 Light Blue // 4 Maxi Dress //
5 Red Flowers // 6 Pale Green //
7 Short Dress // 8 Bottom Flowers // 9 Blue & White

spring moodboard
Ribbons // Flower Field // Peaches // Hello Spring //
Girl with Strawhat // Flower Field // Drinks // Picnic // Painting

Antlers for Everyone // Wilderness Home Decor

My heart literally jumps every time I see antler-themed objects or designs that come across my Pinterest feed. I love how it’s adding a touch of wilderness to a living or even bed room. Until recently I felt that antlers are reserved for men caves and hunting lodges. But they are actually creating an eclectic feel and add a detail of rich texture to a room. Real antlers look great in winter chalets and snowy scandinavian homes but I personally prefer faux antlers made from mouldings or carved from wood. It is just more environmentally friendly and easier to get. Antler usually play a prominent role during the festive season but I think the collection I found is timeless.

PicMonkey Collage antlers1 Antler & Raven // 2 Book Holder // 3 Candle Sticks // 4 Blue Moose // 5 Armchair // 6 Pan & Spoon // 7 Walnut Lamp // 8 Roses & Antler

In my internet travels for antler-inspired designs I came upon beautiful homes that incorporated this theme really well. I never would have thought that antlers can be so versatile and modern.

6a00d8358081ff69e2019aff75edfa970d-800wi1 //
2 // 3 //tumblr_ll3ugy7WXX1qjxia2o1_1280
4 //
5 //
PicMonkey Collage antler homes
6 // 7 // 8 //
9 // 10 //


Stylish Kitchenware // Colorful Design Objects

When you just graduated and plan to move in to your first apartment, you usually need almost everything to equip your kitchen. I either inherited some things from my mum and grandma that they had twice or I bought quite a few things at IKEA as it was cheap and somewhat stylish (at least I thought so at that time). Once I had my basic set of dishes and tools together I did not see the need to buy a new item for a long time unless I had to replace it because it was broken. It actually took me a while to ‘rediscover’ kitchenware only to realise that mine had looked plain and cheerless all the way. I don’t even know why I considered boring looking pans and cheap wine glasses as normal. I did pay attention to my clothes and handbags, my home decor and furniture but I never dared to open my kitchen cupboard. Because then I would have understood sooner that kitchenware and bakeware are actually such beautiful design objects.

Here are a few of my favorite and mostly colorful kitchen tools. For more, check out my Pinterest Board:

PicMonkey Collagekitchenware
to juice // to serve // to boil // to sweeten // to cook


When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter // A Sparkling Wish List

I don’t know about you but I love a little bit of glitter here and there. I tend to run towards anything that sparkles whether it is only a fashion detail like shoes, a bag and jewellery or a statement piece such as pants, blazer and sweater.
When I say glitter I do not necessarily mean the simple method of “sprinkling-and-glueing-glitter-particles” on clothes but the art of sequins. I sometimes feel that sequined clothing is reserved for fancy evening parties or more elegant happenings. However I actually like glitter best when it is worn informally. And my wardrobe is just missing that. Some casual jackets, blazer and sweater that I can wear on a day to day basis.
I wanted to share my favorite pieces for a glittery but leisurely style, so here are 16 beautiful ways to sparkle up your day.

PicMonkey Collage-glitterjacket1 Black & Gold Blazer//2 Rose Cardigan//3 Dark-blue Jacket//4 Multicolor Jacket//
5 White & Gold Blazer//6 Pink Blazer//7 Khaki & Gold Parker

PicMonkey Collage glitter sweater.jpg1 White Sweatshirt // 2 Pink Pullover // 3 Coral Cardigan //
4 Pink Cardigan // 9 Purple Sweater // 6 Black & Grey  Jumper //
7 Grey & Gold Stripes // 8 Golder Top // 9 Black & White Stripes

And never forget!


Valentine’s Day in Retrospective // Pink Food

As someone that loves pink and rose I should have been all over Valentine’s Day. I guess I am not the biggest fan of that particular holiday. I am never filled with the Valentine’s spirit because I see it rather as a commercial spectacle than a day that intends to bring couples together. Either way, it is no tradition in Germany and has only recently popped up so people still need to get used to it. In retrospective however, I realised that there is one thing that I actually love about it. Pink and red foods! Not only do I love the color but especially the ingredients it is mostly made of, all kinds of berries. Whether the classical strawberry, juicy raspberry or purple blueberry, they all remind me of summer. In Hong Kong, we experience the coldest days since my arrival eight months ago and despite warmth and sun, my body longs a lot of pink fruits. Luckily Australia is just around the corner where almost all of these fruits are in season and can be bought here. I especially put an eye on the milkshake as it feels that I did not have a proper milkshake for ages.


IMG_0221-1 Weiterlesen

Green Monday // Green Inspiration

I like Mondays. Mondays are full of energy. After a relaxing weekend I am ready to kick off the new week. I often set myself a weekly goal, prepare a list of to-dos for the week or think of ideas I would like to explore further. I have been thinking about my contribution to a meatless Monday for some time now. I am already a vegetarian, cutting out the meat would not have been such a challenge. I like the thought of taking the idea to eat consciously towards living consciously one day every week. I still need to figure out what that would specifically mean for me. In the meanwhile I garnered some inspirations of a conscious, healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable life.

PicMonkey CollagegreenmondayBuying Local Food // Reusable Tumbler // Cycling //
Chalkboard // Shopping Bag // Homemade Jam

Pasta Collection // Sunday Food

Sundays are reserved for comfort food. I try to stay on a healthy diet during the week. I have my fruits and muesli in the morning followed by some light lunch and usually salad in the evening. Any other way and I have my guilty conscience popping up. But not on weekends. Weekends are guilt-free and sometimes unhealthy. I have a few meals that I love when I feel lazy on a Sunday evening or not well because of a flu. At the top of my list amongst others is pasta. Creamy pasta. Cheesy pasta. Greasy pasta. There is something about pasta that is amazingly satisfying. Here are some of my favorite pasta dishes, along with some recipes that I need to try out.

PicMonkey Collagepasta1 Aglio E Olio // 2 Salmon & Cream // 3 Spätzle // 4 Vegetable Salad //
5 Pumpkin Ravioli // 6 Spicy Arrabiata // 7 Cacio e Pepe //
8 Vegetarian Lasagne // 9 Fall Chanterelle


Luggage Inspiration // Quick Trip

Happy weekend! Next week is already Valentine’s Day. I know it is hard to believe but I am not a big fan (gasp). I guess that is why neither my boyfriend nor I mind that I won’t be even at home this year for Valentine’s Day. So instead of exchanging gift and going on a romantic dinner I will be heading to Singapore for a weekend with friends, the beach and cocktails. While I am not super into packing my bags, I love stylish suitcases and casual weekenders. And since I am always on the hunt for luggage inspirations as I wear off mine quite quickly, here are a few of my favorites.

PicMonkey Collageluggage1 Navy Green // 2 Black Cow // 3 Pink Glitter // 4 Yellow White // 5 Black Steal //
6 Maritime Weekender
 // 7 Leather Style // 8 Ethnic Pattern // 9 London Print

Happy Friday // Happy Mojito Weekend

There are times when long winter months can leave you craving something bright and fresh. Nothing says ‘summertime’ more than a delicious Mojito. It may not be weekend just yet but I am already dreaming about Saturday night. I am invited to a Cuban themed party and there is no better preparation than looking at some delicious Mojito recipes.
Salud…y buen apetito, mis amigos!

6a00d8358081ff69e2016767873808970b-800wiClassic Mojito - There is nothing like a well-made classic Mojito. I love sour flavours in a cocktail and the combination of lemon and lime just beats everything. Weiterlesen

Life is Colorful // Bright Orange

It’s not that I particularly dislike orange but I think that it is a color that can be easily overdone. And I don’t generally dress head-to-toe orange but I love a pop of color both in fashion and interior design. With spring right around the corner I thought it was the perfect moment to look for some orange color inspirations.

louis chair in living room style at home high end Weiterlesen